Light and Fluffy

My taste runs toward light and fluffy. White cake with white icing (Gad, I’m boring); anything with whipped cream (heck, cream with whipped cream); action movies, not art films; comedies over tragedies (anything over gangster/ police/ Martin Scorsese). Maybe I should remove the adjective “light.” I can see the value in a lot of “heavy” things, but if I have to “see” the value, it’s not for me.

Don’t judge. Aw heck, go ahead and judge me. You’d be wrong. I have to face reality every day, so I make no apologies for my taste. It’s only too bad that so do feel they have to make judgments. Heck, just by writing this blog, I’m making a judgement of sorts.

Recently I took a new job teaching two different classes. I had to start nine weeks into the school year and finish teaching books chosen by another teacher. One book I truly like, but it really was too elementary for the grade I was teaching. So while I enjoyed revisiting the book, it was frustrating at times. The other book was written by one of my favorite authors, but it’s a book I truly don’t enjoy. It’s the one that is taught in almost every school because it’s heavy and considered his classic. I prefer his other more enjoyable tomes and stories with the same messages but with brighter tones. At least I’ve finished teaching that particular book and have moved on to something I’ve chosen.

Aw, well. We all have different tastes. Within my own family, I have a husband who prefers non-fiction, a daughter who loves the deep, angsty stuff, one who reads like me but more fantasy, and a non-reader. And I won’t even mention my mother. At least they all read my books because they love me. That’s good enough for me.

Books I’m reading now:
Behemoth By Scott Westerfeld, illus. by Keith Thompson
Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, illus. by Keith Thompson