A Change is Brewing . . .

In the meantime, Happy Holidays. May the new year bring us all the joy we seek.

And stay tuned. Because I’m serious. Change is brewing.


Books I’m reading now:

Harry Potter und der Gefangene von Azkaban by JK Rowling

(I had started reading The Plot Against America by Philip Roth, but then I decided this was the wrong time of year to read such a book)

The Joy of Reading

In which I look at the magic that happens when one is transported into another world.

The longer I write, the harder it is to find books that will carry me away to another world. I don’t know whether I look at the text too clinically, or if I’m automatically deconstruct the novel’s structure in my mind, but most books don’t carry me away to that magical place where you are in the story. Movies do that easier for me maybe because the visual is so overwhelming I can turn off the rest of my brain.

But when a book succeeds, the experience is so much richer than a movie.

Harry Potter did that for me. So did Ready Player One. Courtney Milan, Jill Barnett, and Julia Quinn have written books that had the magic for me. I just finished The Riyrian Revelations by Michael J Sullivan which swept me away into another world. I cried at the end because I was so happy to have experienced it. (Seriously.) Unfortunately most books leave me feeling meh. Not that they were bad, but that they didn’t spark the magic.

The odd thing about the magic is that it doesn’t work the same on everyone. I have a friend that raves about two best selling series. She loves the books,is a megafan, and talks about the experiences all the time. I read one of the series and wasn’t impressed. I couldn’t even finish the first book of the second series. I believe it comes down to subject matter. In one book, the premise calls for the heroine to do something the heroine that for me is unforgivable, but for her it was so casual and never caused her to even hesitate.

We all bring different baggage to our reading experiences. Don’t expect the magic from the books that transported me to do the same for you (although I’m pretty good at leading people to the right books even if they didn’t work for me). And don’t be surprised if what you love doesn’t impress me. Within my family alone, I know that I can’t share my book magic with everyone.

I can only hope that one of my books has created magic for someone else.


Books I’m reading now

Theft of Swords by Michael J Sullivan

Rise of Empire by Michael J Sullivan

Heir of Novron by Michael J Sullivan

Harry Potter und der Gefangene von Azkaban  by JK Rowling