RomCon 2012

So I’m in Denver for the third year in a row at RomCon. It’s a relatively new romance fan conference, and I’ve been lucky to attend these past few years.

This morning I was a participant in the Quick Draw game–10 authors chose words from their novels and then had to draw these words in a picture charades type game. There is a reason I’m an author and not an artist. I picked about thirty words  from WISHFUL THINKING. Some were easy to convey: wand, whale, skunk (surprisingly easy), champagne, pizza; and then there were others: magic, wish, hyacinth (I don’t even know what a hyacinth looks like–okay, I just googled it). “Loom” was interesting, but almost every group got it. I haven’t laughed that much in long time. And it exhausted me too.

Before that I was privileged to hear Teresa Medeiros speak. I want her eloquence when defending romance. She spoke with such humor and grace and made me absolutely proud to be a romance author. You know, I really am coming to believe that romance is one of the most subversive genres out there(allowing women to be the heroine of their own lives, to give power to love, to explore female sexuality without punishment. Poor Anna Karenina). Heh heh heh.

Stay tuned. I plan to post more, but for now I have to get ready for the Dine-In for Interspecies Peace. And then on to Monte Carlo Night. Gambling and fun.

And if I can at all remember, I’ll get some pictures up too. (I’ve taken one.)


Books I’m reading now:

The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman

The Pleasure of Your Kiss by Teresa Medeiros