Did I say I was back?

Several months ago I posted that I was getting back in the game and working on my books. AND THEN THE WORLD EXPLODED! I hate to say I was lying when I said I was back because I wasn’t; let’s just say I was deluded into thinking I could. I have tried to write and have worked on books two and three of the MYSTIC series, but the words just don’t want to come. Part of it is definitely the state of the world, but to be totally honest there are two other factors.

What I’ve been doing instead of writing

Second factor (after the State of the World): My writing muscles have grown weak. I took a break last year from writing to evaluate if I wanted to continue in this (arguably failed) career of mine. Before other events and disappointments that affected my writing habits, I could easily write a novel in three months. But having a hiatus slowed me down. Now I’m lucky to get 500 words a day. I know what I need is to build up strength again, but it is exactly like saying you know you need to exercise every day. You know it, but that doesn’t mean you do it.

Another thing I’ve been doing instead of writing

Third factor: I’m still wondering if it’s worth it. (Whine coming, not wine, which might keep you reading). I haven’t had the success I’d hoped for when I started. Yes, I’ve had bad luck (seriously, I know writers all have been dropped by houses, etc, but my tales would turn your hair gray–they did mine, although that could just be age), but I put a lot of energy into getting the word out about the release of my last book, MYSTIC, with no real results. I truly believe it is a fun story but apparently I can’t seem to hit an audience with it or any of my past books. Even my editor is reluctant to release any more books from me with the numbers being so bad. I don’t blame her; bottom line it is a business. So it’s hard to muster the focus and enthusiasm to sail this ship further.

Last thought: Someone posted a question to authors: Who would you like to have read your book and write a comment/review of it? My answer–Ryan Reynolds. So, Ryan, if you’re reading this, contact me and I’ll happily send you a free copy of MYSTIC.

Books I’m reading now:

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

The Lady Sherlock Series by Sherry Thomas (Yes, the whole series. Book five comes out in November and you can be sure I’ll be getting it.)

Other books that I’ve listed on Book Bub and Goodreads. You can find me there!

4 thoughts on “Did I say I was back?

  1. Rose Walker

    Glad you are “back” Gabi…it has been a trying time, really has felt like hibernation was the only self preservation option available. I’m not a writer, but admire those of you who have such a talent. I would think it’s akin to music, or art, the value is in the expression-even if the commercial “success” doesn’t happen. I have a couple of other female acquaintances who are writers, very different genres but enjoy there work: Sharon Salisbury O’Toole & Laura Pritchett–look them up!

    • Gabi Stevens

      Thanks, Rose. I will have to look up your friends. IT’s a tough business out there, and it’s always good to find people to support.

  2. Sheley Rayne

    Writing is like writing a bicycle and getting back onto it only sometimes the wheels are flat. Lol. Keep at it girl that also cuts yourself some slack. Sometimes you’re tapped into that conscious collective and things just flow and other times it’s like pulling teeth. I firmly believe this is the time to do what gives your spirit the most peace. I’m in your corner and rooting for you too… Since the beginning!

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