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I used to read a ton. Like nearly a book a day. However, in recent years, I have had trouble finding anything that grabs my attention. I look for book suggestions, but it seems that I can’t find one’s that blow me away or take me to that place that I used to go to when I read.

A couple of days ago , I started a book that was on a site with a list of books you can’t put down. I like all kinds of genres and found several on this site that sounded interesting. I read one. It was definitely interesting. I would even recommend it because of how it is executed and the theme caused me to think about life. But… I wouldn’t reread it. Nor would I even list it as one of my favorites. Reading was more like, yeah I want to get through it, rather than, I can’t put it down.

I started on the second book from this list. I read the prologue and the first chapter. I’m not reading anymore. The writing was good, I’m sure the story is fine. But… it is simply too gory. The prologue was from the viewpoint of a child whose mother is killed in front of her and whose sister is then shot and buried alive. Chapter one is a school shooting. I’m done.

There is a fine line I tread to find books that I rave about. Ready Player One was such a book. So were the Ryria Revelations. And I’m pleased to say The Lady Sherlock series has recently been added to the list. But those books are finite, in that they end, and in the meantime, I search for other books to read.

Sometimes they’re great, but more often they’re meh. My taste. I’m sure the books are fine, but I want the magic.


Books I’m reading now:

Yeah, I ain’t telling you this time. Then you’d know the books I don’t like.

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