I’ve been quiet lately, missed a few weeks’ posts. I don’t have an excuse (being busy is not an excuse), but I have been working. In case you missed me, there’s good news. I have a new book up on Kindle and Nook: THE FALCON AND THE WOLF. And you are not seeing things. I’ve published this under the name Gabi Anderson.

The Falcon and the Wolf


(Other formats coming soon)

This was my Golden Heart® finalist novel from way back when. I mean way back. Way back when paranormal romances were NOT selling and editors didn’t know what to do with them. (Don’t believe me? Karen Marie Moning writes the same thing in recounting her path to writing in her release Into the Dreaming) I wrote it for my daughter (who was three at the time, and, no, I didn’t expect her to read it then).

Falcon is a fantasy romance that has always been dear to my heart. Here’s a description:

A prophecy casts its shadow over two kingdoms—and over two people whose destinies are entwined even before their births.

Captured in a border skirmish, highborn Lady Stefanie Falkon arrives to the castle of Grayson, Lord Wolfe, her new master. Gray, a warrior out of duty to his king, believes in order and planning, and designing new innovations to help his people.

With her headstrong ways, Stefanie soon turns Gray’s organized world to chaos, disrupting his work his duty his goals. Despite her initial loathing of her master, Grayson, Lord Wolfe, she comes to recognize he isn’t the monster she’s made him out to be. In turn Gray learns to depend on the unusual and intelligent woman he reluctantly acquired.

But when a threat to both their lands arises, they must work together to save their world and find their own happy ending.

Please pick it up and spread the word. I’d love to have a success with this one. And then if you want more in that tone, try Temptation’s Warrior, also available on Kindle, nook and other formats.

I hope you love Stefanie and Gray’s story.


Books I’m reading now:

Impossible to Resist by Janice Maynard


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