I think the next milestone I’d like to hit in my writing career (besides getting a new contract, that is) is finding a mention of myself outside a review or letter specifically to me from a reader. I just went to a blog site where they asked their readers, “What are you reading now?” Just once I’d like to see my name mentioned in such a list.

Oh, I’m not complaining. I have great readers who seek me out, I’ve received terrific reviews (for the most part–I’d worry more if everyone liked me–I honestly think that would mean I have no voice), and I enjoy interaction with my readers. But how cool would it be to accidentally come across someone on a third party site throwing my name out there. Even cooler would be seeing someone in public reading my book (When you think about how rarely you actually see people reading in public and then factor in how many now read on electronic devices where you can’t even see the book, the numbers are truly low).

If you’re here reading this, thank you for coming to see me. I love the support I’ve been getting from readers (check out the dedication of Wishful Thinking). I’m just thinking about reaching that next step.


Books I’m reading now:

Highland Guardian by Melissa Mayhue

Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson


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