5. Május

I’m sure I’ve already posted this somewhere, but today would have been my father’s 83 birthday. He died 24 years ago, but this day will always bring a smile to my lips because it’s also Cinco de Mayo. My father was from Hungary, where the flag is red white and green. The Mexican flag  is red white and green. In SoCal where I grew up, Cinco de Mayo was widely celebrated (unlike in Mexico where I’m told it’s pretty minor). So every year when the Cinco de Mayo decorations went up, my father would say in his deep voice,” Look they are celebrating my birthday. They’ve put up the Hungarian flag.”

Ahhh, stupid dad jokes. Enjoy them while you can.  And happy birthday, Apu.

Hungarian flag courtesy of 4 International Flags


Books I’m reading now:

Clash of Kings by George RR Martin (re-read)

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