Conversations with My Husband

If you follow me regularly, you know that my husband is Robot Guy. This week I sent him a video of a robot arm catching objects. It was pretty cool, although the objects still needed tracking devices, and the speed of the robot was amazing. So today our conversation was:

Me: Do you think sometime in the future, protective vests could have the capacity to catch bullets and render them useless?

RG(Robot Guy): Ummm…I’m trying to picture how people could wear a vest weighing a couple of tons.

Me: No, I mean in the future when we have materials that weigh next to nothing but are strong.

RG: It would be better to have  some sort of helicopter blade to deflect the bullets, but you’d have to work out the rotational force because it would throw you off.

Me: Couldn’t the–

RG: Wait. I’m trying to figure out the f=ma. (Pause) It would be better if you had some sort of orb you could deploy in front of you.

Me: Like the Jedi training orb that Luke fights in Star Wars? Oooo, and it could shoot lasers and obliterate the bullets.

RG: No, you want to do something with the kinetic force. There’s a lot of energy in a moving bullet.

Me: Why could you just fphfft the bullets so they don’t exist?

RG: What you’d need is something to change the trajectory.

Me: That wouldn’t be good. Wouldn’t you just put your partner in danger? The bullet avoided you, but hits someone else?

RG: A black hole. A portable black hole, though I don’t know how you’d do that.


Yup. Welcome to my world. (Technical terms may be incorrect because this is me writing, after all. RG knows the technical terms) But, hmmmm, a portable black hole. Wonder how I could use that?


Books I’m reading now:

Still on the re-read of A Storm of Swords by George RR Martin


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