Favorite Phobias

I don’t like big cities. That’s probably funny to those of you know I grew up in the Los Angeles area and that my father loved to go to “Downtown.” Big cities bother me. And yet, conflicting and contradictory person that I am, I couldn’t live in a rural setting. It’s just not in my blood. So as a nice compromise, Albuquerque is small enough, yet large enough for my needs. Oh, I have complaints about ABQ too (see the conflicting and contradictory line above), but it often displays a very small town personality.

I also love to travel. And that usually means big cities. I’ve been to Paris, New York, London, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Boston, Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Rome, Seattle, and others. I enjoyed visiting, but big cities still aren’t high on my list of places I’d like to live.   I may have a mild case of agoraphobia–the fear of crowds part. Open spaces don’t bother me at all. Just crowds. That’s why I don’t do concerts well, or events of most sorts.

Interestingly there are a few people-packed places where I’ve never felt uncomfortable (see the conflicting and contradictory line above):

  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Disneyland/DisneyWorld
  • London (though I’ve only been there twice)
  • RWA Conferences (but don’t ask me about my one RT experience)
  • and I love Rome.

This is why I find human nature so intriguing. I’m not afraid of many things others are–public speaking, spiders, snakes, elevators, bridges–but I could seriously do without crowds.

And heights. Can’t do heights anymore. Except on bridges in a car, roller coasters, and airplanes. Yeah, see the conflicting and contradictory line above.


Books I’m reading now:

The Mark of the Tala by Jeffe Kennedy





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