My Personal Dislikes

July? How did I let so many days pass without posting?

A quickie this time. I posted a list of odd things I liked a few days ago, so today you get a list of things I really don’t like. I don’t mean the stuff I’m not particularly fond of, but will tolerate, like wine or chocolate (except for the special stuff with nuts and from Europe).  I’m talking bout the stuff that will get me to yell or scream.

  • Styrofoam–Yes, I know that’s a trademark, but I can’t stand that stiff foamy stuff, especially when it squeaks.
  • Anise–Hate the smell, hate the flavor. You will not catch me drinking ouzo ever.
  • Celery–it has such a lovely crunch for something with no flavor. I cut some up once for a long drive with my husband, but warned him not to feed me any while I was driving. He tried anyway, and I spit it at him. Serves him right.
  • Shots–No, not the kind the doctor gives you. Those don’t bother me at all. I’m talking hard alcohol. I have never acquired a taste for it. If it isn’t hidden in a fruity drink with an umbrella, I won’t touch it. I think it smells bad too. But I do like a fruity drink.
  • Telephone solicitors–Look, I’m not blaming the actual person–they’re just doing a job–but if I wanted to donate or vote for or take a survey, I’m clever enough to find out what I need to do on my own. Stop calling.
  • Authors who don’t use “said” as their primary speech tag– I can’t stand to read characters who urge, demand, gasp, breathe, whisper, recite, decide, laugh, tell, reply, and announce everything (among others). Try to gasp and speak. You can’t. You can gasp and then speak, but you can’t do both at the same time. You can say something with a laugh, but you can’t laugh speech. As for the things you can do, like murmur and whisper, you can use those SPARINGLY, but when every line is whispered it makes me think the character has no backbone. “Ask,” of course, is the speech tag used for questions.

And now I’m going to indulge in a piece of my special chocolate that a friend brought him for me from Germany. Only seven pieces left, darn it.


Books I’m reading now:

Then Comes Marriage by Celeste Bradley




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