It’s alive!!

In which I parade my new tweaked and redesigned book covers, including two brand spanking new ones.

One of the most fun aspects of self-publishing are designing the covers. You have complete control. If you are traditionally published, they ask for input, but the final say is theirs. I’ve had quite a few covers I’ve loved, and one I’ve hated. My all time favorite cover of mine (I didn’t say book, mind you, because that would show favoritism and I don’t want to hurt any of my books’ feelings) is the one for The Wish List. It had every element of my story and looked, well, magical.

So without further ado, here is the parade of new tweaked covers:

























For these three, we made my name bigger and consistent, enlarged the people and cut off a bit more of their heads (Have you noticed that cut off people are big in covers these days?









For these two, again we made my name much bigger and kept the consistency with the first three. Took the guy off To Tame a Rose, just to see how it does.




This one is brand new. Different people, different background. Notice the name is the same as on the others, but we had fun putting the dragon in the corner of the name block just to make sure you know it’s a fantasy.








EverYoursLatestSmallYoursAlwaysLatestSmallThis two are part of a series so we gave them the same look. Ever Yours was already out there, but we made the mask bigger and moved it slightly, and, of course, my name is bigger. And then it was easy to match the look for Yours Always.













And here’s the last one, the one I introduced earlier this week. The Sea Eagle is a brand new book out for the first time. Swashbuckling hero, feisty strong heroine, and a tale that spans from the Caribbean to the Scottish Highlands. Yup. It’s big.





So there you have it. All the books are live on Amazon, Nook, and Kobo (except Yours Always, but I swear it is going up today!) I hope you go check them out.

Oh, and Happy Halloween.



Books, I’m reading now;

The Splendor Falls by Susanna Kearsley

The Way of Kings by Brian Sanderson