One Week (Okay, Eight Days)

…in which I give you some background information about The Stone Key

Robot Guy has been lucky enough to travel for his work. Yes, lucky, because we have always loved to travel and even though he’s had to work, the work day ends and he’s had the opportunity to see things. He’s been to Japan, all over the US, and has had to make many, many trips to Britain. On one occasion, he had to work there for two weeks. Well, what else could we do but go with him?

We spent twenty-five days in England. Robot Guy took vacation before and after his work stint, and we traveled from Brighton to York (no Scotland, unfortunately), from Caernarfon to Ely. We visited a castle that inspired the castle in Temptation’s Warrior. We also visited Warwick Castle.Warwick castle

Warwick Castle is run like an amusement park, but it was so much fun (I love amusement parks). And the history is unbeatable. The Beauchamp and Neville family is entwined in British history. Want to learn more? If you have Netflix you can watch Episode Three of Secrets of Great British Castles. It’s all about Warwick.

Why so much about Warwick? Because Throckmorton Castle is based on Warwick. In The Stone Key, my heroine travels from her home at Throckmorton almost eight hundred years into the future only to discover her home is now an amusement park. Much of what happens at Throckmorton is based on things I experienced at Warwick.

Stone Key 1000
April 26


Just a little veracity in fiction. Oh, and the title of this blog…The Stone Key is available in one week. April 26. (Okay, eight days)


Books I’m reading now:

The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks


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