The State Fair

Spent yesterday evening at the State Fair. For those of you who know me, I can see the shock on your face. I hate the State Fair. I dislike crowds and heat and dirt (Yeah, I’m a whiner–you did know that about me, right?). So hubs surprised us with tickets to the rodeo followed by Marty Stuart. Rodeo? Me? I’m first generation American, grew up in LA (the city, not the state), and even though I went to school in Colorado and my roommate my senior year grew up on a horse ranch in Wyoming that I once visited, “cowboy” isn’t part of either my heritage or knowledge base. I have to admit I watched with interest. I haven’t become a fan, but it was interesting. I found myself feeling sorry for the calves that got roped and rooting for the bulls and horses that knocked the riders off. (I know, I know, sacrilege, but it’s how I felt. As I always told my students, emotions have no logic. I cheered for the successful cowboys too.)

Call it a life experience. My husband is a firm believer in life experiences. As am I, but he’s more apt to act on acquiring them.

Then came the show. And here’s why humans are so interesting. Remember I said that I really don’t know “cowboy”. Well, I love country music. I also love Broadway show tunes, but that’s an entirely different blog. I started listening to country music when I realized it was singable. I sing. I used to have a good voice, but now I only sing for myself or in funny voices to make my kids laugh. I’ve appeared in several musicals, choirs, choruses, groups, but now I just like to sing to the radio in the car. (I don’t like people to hear me–yes, I’m shy–see “why humans are so interesting” above). And country music has harmonies, and lyrics and tunes one can actually sing to. Yes, some of it is bad, but I defy you not to say the same thing about any artistic endeavor.

So, Marty Stuart. Part country, part rockabilly, part bluegrass, all awesome. What fun. And the tickets hubs acquired for us allowed us to get up right next to the stage (on horrible steel benches placed right on the dirt of the rodeo ring). See? Here’s a photo from my seat.

Great harmonies, mad skills on the guitar and mandolin, bopping music–it was good. But it was a Wednesday night and the youngest had school today and 6 AM comes early (see “you know I’m a whiner” above). Wish it had been Friday night.

So my adventure at the State Fair didn’t change my opinion of the State Fair, but it did make me realize I should get out more.


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