Book stories

I just read a blog at B&N about lines that book lovers get that annoy them. It reminded me of a story that happened to me that I’m still flabbergasted about, so I thought I’d share.

Many years ago, I read Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth. Loved it. In fact I liked it so much I thought it would be a great gift for my brother-in-law who enjoyed the middle ages and even did some creative anachronism stuff. For his birthday I tracked down a hardcover first edition of the book and sent it to him. He read it and enjoyed it.

The next time I saw him, he proudly told me that he had wanted to share the book with his fourteen-year old daughter, so he had painstakingly went through and whited out the lines he thought were inappropriate.

Now it was his book, and I totally believe in loving books to death, i.e. breaking the spines, re-reading until pages fall out, writing in the margins, etc., but censorship, not so much. I also understand wanting to protect a young lady from certain content, but if that’s the case, she was too young to read the book.

The incident has remained with me as something I  shake my head at.

Do you have any book horror stories?


Books I’m reading now:

Actually I’m revising my own work right now, a straight fantasy, and enjoying the heck out of it.