A Little Loneliness…

…but don’t feel sorry for me. It’s my way of life and I like it, and you should too. If you’re a reader. In which I examine the life of writing.

So much of writing is a lonely endeavor. Authors aren’t known for being social. We live in our made-up worlds by ourselves and stare in silence at the bank page/screen (Unless you talk to yourself, but I won’t get into that here.) For many of us it’s how we actually enjoy living our lives. I, personally, am an introvert. My mother laughs when I say that. She can’t understand how I could have performed so easily as a younger adult on stage and that I still enjoy being in front of people but still call myself an introvert. I believe it’s because that’s not really me there. I enjoy the attention, but I’m not really exposing myself; that’s a persona up there.

Still, like all (most) humans, even writers crave interaction with others. That’s what writers’ groups are for. When I get together with other writers, I can feel less alone. Here are the others who know what I am going through. They have suffered my disappointments, lived my successes, cheered for me as I have cheered for them. My writing circles make me realize I’m not alone out there. My dream is not outrageous or crazy. Have friends who share the same dream. So as I embark on writing yet another novel and exploring a new world by myself until the time that I expose my world to other explorers (readers), I buoyed with the knowledge that I have people I can lean on when the seas get rough or the journey stalls. Thanks in advance.

RWA book signing
RWA book signing

Still the world has changed and this new publishing world requires me to put myself out there and be “social”. Social media, advertising, promotion are all part of the author’s responsibility now, especially if you’re self-publishing, but it’s also true if you are on the traditional path. Self-promotion can be overwhelming. Am I crossing some line? Did I say too much? Are people sick of me yet? How can I pimp myself and my books?  Are you sick of me yet?

But the rewards are great. To hear from someone you’ve never met that your book moved/entertained/helped them is amazing. Yes, the writer friends offer support, but the praise from readers is that treasure that makes the hours of loneliness and agony of putting words on the page worthwhile. And readers can’t do that unless they can find you. And in order to create the stories that readers will respond to requires embracing the loneliness.

And you wonder why authors have the reputation of being a little crazy.


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